6 Tour Destinations to Visit in Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is blessed with extraordinary natural beauty. There are 6 favorite tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo that tourists can choose from.

Indonesia is popular as a country that is rich in various cultures and natural resources. Where as one of the tropical countries, Indonesia is indeed blessed with a lot of natural resources that can be utilized by the people of this country.

On the other hand, Indonesia is also known for its very unique and different geographic conditions, so that it provides diversity that cannot be found in other countries. This may not be fully realized by the Indonesian people.

One area that is visited by many tourists, both domestic and foreign, is Labuan Bajo. Generally, many foreign tourists are even more familiar with tourist attractions here because they are popular for their natural beauty that cannot be found anywhere else. Labuan Bajo is the capital of West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara.

Labuan Bajo is also located right on the western tip of Flores Island which holds various hidden tourist attractions that have recently been discovered by travelers and also developed by the local government. Here are favorite and popular tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo that you can visit:

1. Rinca Island

The first place you can visit is called Rinca Island. Where one of the island groups located in the Komodo Islands is indeed popular for its natural beauty which is closer to Labuan Bajo. This island has the highest point, namely a mountain with an altitude of 670 meters above sea level, so when visiting here you will be able to see around Flores very beautifully from a height.

Apart from Komodo dragons, there are other animals that live on this island such as buffalo, birds and wild pigs. So for you tourists who want to come to Rinca Island, both who visit in the morning until noon. But it will be vulnerable when it is late afternoon and even at night. On Rinca Island, visitors will take part in environmental conservation activities by planting mangroves and also other natural attractions.

2. Cunca Wulang Waterfall

It’s far to Labuan Bajo, let’s all come to Cunca Wulang Waterfall. Where this waterfall is located in the Mbeliling Forest area with an altitude of 2,000 masl. This waterfall looks at first glance like Green Canyon because it has the same atmosphere and water color, but with a narrower version on the other side of the various rocks flanking along its side.

You are also allowed to climb the part that does not have sharp sides and it is very safe. A lot of tourists try to climb the rock, then jump from a height to this Cunca Wulang Waterfall. However, you must first consult with the guide because the water flow will decrease if you enter the dry season, and of course this will be dangerous to do. Another thing to note is that you have to bring food and drinks because this waterfall does not have a food stall that can provide your various needs.

3. Kanawa Island

Besides Komodo Island, another island that you can visit with very clear water, even like an aquarium called Kanawa Island. Where this island is located in East Nusa Tenggara with an area of ​​approximately 35 hectares and has a very beautiful and enchanting natural beauty, especially on the coast and also under the sea.

You don’t need to swim or dive to the bottom and you can see very clear sea water with turquoise and white sand which is still very clean. This makes many tourists have to comply with the regulations given by the government by maintaining cleanliness and also not littering, even its beauty can be seen from above sea level such as small fish coral reefs and even turtles. If you want to spend the night on Kanawa Island, there are already 13 guest houses available with rental prices of approximately IDR 300,000 per night with access by speed boat from Labuan Bajo.

4. Rangko Cave

Unique sky tourist spots that you can visit with the name Rangko Cave. Where the Rangko Cave is located in West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. If you don’t know what I am a stamp. Actually Rangko Cave is a cave which is decorated with various stones and stalactites that are not sharp and very safe, filled with clear blue sea water which is very exotic and also beautiful. But unfortunately Rangko Cave is one of the areas or tourist attractions that is quite difficult to access so you have to walk and also use tour serviceslocal community guide, so as not to get lost or be able to reach an easier place. This place is hard to reach, but all efforts will definitely pay off when you arrive and swim in Rangko Cave.

5. Padar Island

Padar Island is one of the islands that is quite famous or popular after Komodo Island. However, the difference between Komodo Island and Padar Island is the typical Flores animal, namely Komodo. Where on this island you cannot find animals like Komodo dragons to reach this island. There is a need for experienced guides and special boat carriers who already know the area or sea water in the area. Padar Island itself is overgrown with lots of grass and also large trees from the top of Padar Island, you can see the beauty of the sea around Padar Island and the islands. another small island. If you want to visit Padar Island, it is highly recommended to use mountain shoes. Because to reach the top of Padar Island the road is quite steep and it will hurt if you use sandals alone.

6. Wae Rebo

How does it feel if you visit a tourist spot that seems to be above the clouds? This can be obtained directly if you come to Labuan Bajo, especially tourist attractions with the name Wae Rebo. This tourist spot is a very unique and exotic village. Where is the location in the middle of the mountains and also the people who still use traditional houses and carry out their daily activities very traditionally.

But this reason is also one of the attractions. Why do so many tourists both local and foreign visit this village and learn about the culture in the community. But you are used to being visited by tourists so you don’t have to worry or be afraid.

That is a row of popular tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo besides Komodo Island that you can visit. Don’t forget when you visit tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo, you have to prepare various needs very carefully.

Because it is not as complete as Bali or Lombok and it still lacks various supporting facilities for tourists. However, this will not reduce the beauty and satisfaction when visiting Labuan Bajo.

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