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In Indonesia, we called Open Trip for group tour or shared tour. Where you join the other people in a trip or a boat to make the price cheaper than having a private boat just for your self.  Here we summarize some of the frequently asked questions when choosing a vacation to Labuan Bajo. If there are still things that are not clear from the explanation below, please contact us directly.

How much does an open trip cost?

For the Open Trip 3D2N Komodo Sailing trip, we differentiate based on the selected room. For a private cabin room the cost is Rp. 2,800,000 per person and those who choose sharing cabin will cost Rp. 2,500,000 per person.

Is there a difference for foreigners or foreigners?

For the price of the tour there is no difference, but for the entrance ticket there is a difference between Indonesian citizens and foreigners so there is an additional RP. 500,000 per person for 3 days 2 nights tour.

What do these costs include?

Includes Live on Board Ship for 3 days (AC cabin according to choice), Meals during the trip on the ship, Mineral water, tea and coffee, local guide, Life jacket / life jacket, Jasa Raharja Insurance, Documentation, Snorkeling Equipment, standard first aid, Pick up at hotels or airports.

Are there any other costs to be incurred?

There is nothing more that you have to pay during the tour. However, if you want to give tips to the crew and guides, we invite them and there is no benchmark depending on each person, you can do it together with other participants.

What is the difference between a private cabin and a sharing cabin?

The private cabin is only for 2 people in one room, very suitable for couples who are on a honeymoon or who don’t want to join other people they don’t know. As for the sharing cabin, one room to be occupied by 4 people, there are two types of rooms available, namely with two double beds and four single beds. Solo travelers or those traveling with friends usually choose this room.

How many people are on the ship?

The capacity for one ship depends on the ship used, but the maximum is only 16 people. When using our ship KM. Indu Komodo then one group on the ship is only 12 people at most. All ships in each room are equipped with air conditioning so that guests can rest comfortably.

Is there a minimum number of participants for departure?

Our open trip does not have a minimum of participants, whatever is registered on that date must depart at the same price.

What destinations will you visit?

In general, all open trips to Komodo National Park offer the same destination, but will adjust again to the sea and weather conditions during the tour. Destinations that must be visited are Kelor Island, Manjarite, Rinca Island, Kalong Island, Padar Island, Pink Beach, Taka Makassar, Manta Point, and Kanawa. If it is still possible we can stop by to additional destinations such as Siaba Island, Sebayu Island, Bidadar Island, Gili Lawa Island, but not all of them are just one or two.

Where and when is the meeting point for the Labuan Bajo open trip?

For open trips, we will pick up participants in the city of Labuan Bajo, either at the hotel or directly at the airport when the tour starts on the first day. We will start picking up at 9 am, it should be noted that it may not be right at 9 to arrive at each hotel because pick up first at one hotel and then go to another hotel in the same direction, except for those who get picked up first.

What time should you take the plane?

For those who fly directly from Jakarta or Surabaya, we recommend booking a plane one day in advance, because direct flights from these two cities generally arrive in Labuan Bajo in the afternoon or evening. So you can first stay at one of the hotels in Labuan Bajo then the next day when the tour starts we will pick you up at the hotel.

Meanwhile, those flying from Denpasar, Makassar and Kupang can arrive with the first flight landing in Labuan Bajo before 9 am.

Any hotel recommendations in Labuan Bajo?

Labuan Bajo is a small town but there are many choices to stay, from hostels to resorts on private islands, everything is available, from 150 thousand to 6 million per night. It is recommended to book directly through OTAs such as Traveloka, Tiket, Agoda, Booking and others because they usually provide cheaper prices than directly to the hotel and sometimes there are certain discounts,

What equipment do you need to bring?

Participants are advised to bring a backpack or suitcase that is not too big to facilitate mobilization on the boat. In general, what is brought is equipment for playing in the sea and the beach, in particular: Change of clothes, swimsuit, hat, sunscreen, flashlight/ headlamp, snorkeling equipment if any, flash disk/memory card, toiletries, underwater camera, personal medicine.

What if we want a private trip?

Of course it is possible, for open trips it will be more flexible and will not be combined with other people on the same ship so that it can be more flexible. The schedule or departure date can be chosen by yourself without having to follow an existing open trip schedule. For a private trip, the price depends on the number of participants andship used.

Okay, it’s all clear. How do I register?

For registration, you can contact us via Whatsapp to 0821-5992-6152 or by clicking the Whatsapp button on the side. For the list we need a down payment (DP)  Rp. 500,000 per person to our account, Name and ID number, Pick up location on the first day and foot number for fin snorkelling.

After transferring and sending the above data to us and getting confirmation that your seats has been registered. Just come and be ready to vacation in Komodo National Park. For payment, you can transfer at least 3 day before departure.

Is there a Phinisi Ship?

Yes, we also provide open trips and private trips using a bigger phinisi boat, more complete facilities inside and more luxurious.

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