7 Recommended Destinations for Family in Labuan Bajo

Who says Labuan Bajo can only be a tourist spot for children and young couples? You know there are many family tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo that you can visit. Not only Komodo Island, there are several tourist attractions that you deserve to visit.

Labuan Bajo can be a mainstay destination if you and your family have the same hobby. Namely snorkeling, or seeing natural scenery where beaches, mountains and hills collide into one.

Not only suitable for backpackers who like adventure in the wild. Labuan Bajo can also be a family tourist spot, t-mates. So, for those of you who are planning a vacation with your family, you can make Labuan Bajo as one of the destinations.

7 Recommended Destinations for Family in Labuan Bajo

Here are 7 recommendations for family tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo that might suit you. Without any further ado, let’s move to the list!

1. Padar Island

Padar Island can also be a cool destination to become a family tourist spot in Labuan Bajo. To witness the stunning beauty of Padar Island, you can come just before sunrise. This panorama is so fantastic and sure to amaze you.

Because to reach the top of Padar Island you have to do a small hike, don’t forget to maintain your stamina and safety, t-mates. Once you reach the top, you will witness the beauty of an exotic island cluster surrounded by green hills.

2. Komodo Island

Komodo Island is indeed an island that is so closely related to Labuan Bajo tourism objects. In fact, this island is worldwide you know. On this island, you can take a vacation while seeing the only ancient animal life of the Komodo dragon. Vacationing in this Labuan Bajo tourist attraction does have its own uniqueness.

Here, you will be invited to explore the forest and climb the hill to be able to witness the life of the Komodo dragons. Eits, don’t forget to obey the existing rules, so you stay safe.

This Komodo Island tourist spot can also be used as a fun family tour, you know. In fact, it can be an educational tour too if you take your children along on this vacation trip.

3. Pink Beach Labuan Bajo

Not only Lombok, Labuan Bajo also has a very beautiful Pink Beach tourist attraction. Pink Beach is also known as Pantai Merah by the local community.

This beach is known for its beautiful underwater scenery. Moreover, it is equipped with a variety of beautiful marine life. Such as rocks, various types of fish, etc. make this beach a favorite destination for water activities, such as snorkeling and diving.

For those who come with your family, you can play along this beautiful pink sand. Just relaxing and having a simple picnic can also be options that you should consider.

4. Wae Rebo

Not only beaches, visiting Flores Island can give you a different vacation experience. Wae Rebo, also known as the Land Above the Clouds, will give you the most memorable vacation. You can find a typical Flores traditional house called Mbaru Niang, or a house with a palm fiber roof and a cone shape.

Even though the journey to Wae Rebo is not easy, you will get a comparable experience and pleasure. In this place, you can also interact directly with the surrounding community, learn about the value of life, culture, and the meaning of struggle from different perspectives.

If you and your family like adventure, then Wae Rebo is suitable for you to explore together. Surely it’s fun and really interesting to be able to come here with your family!

5. Rangko Cave

You want a vacation in Labuan Bajo with beautiful views, but not the beach? There are really! You can visit the Rangko Cave which is located in Rangko Village, Boleng District, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. This cave will provide a panoramic view of clear and blue springs.

This Labuan Bajo tourist attraction will certainly provide a different vacation experience. To get to Goa Rangko, you have to rent a car and boat to be able to cross and see this hidden natural beauty.

6. Kanawa Island

If you want to try water sports such as snorkeling and diving on beautiful beaches, then you can rely on Kanawa Island. On this island, there is a Diving Center which will direct you to the best spots for snorkeling or diving.

The afternoon is indeed the perfect time to relax on the coast of Kanawa Island. Because you will find many marine animals such as small crabs and starfish that stop by on this coast.

7. Kelor Island

Finally, there is Kelor Island which is very worthy of being your tourist destination while in Labuan Bajo. There are many beautiful and interesting spots on this island. It’s a shame if you just miss Kelor Island while in Labuan Bajo.

The beach on this island has white sand, with clear turquoise sea water, and there are small hills that you can climb. Seeing the beauty of this island from a height is also a favorite thing for tourists, you know.

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