Padar Island, The Best View in Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park offers a complete destination for tourists. In addition to meeting Komodo dragons, ancient animals that are still alive and can only be found in this place, the underwater scenery which is a world-class diving destination, as well as the green hillsides in the rainy season and brown in the dry season.

Some of the hilly islands also turned out to offer beauty that cannot be said from the top. One of them being a mandatory destination when visiting the Komodo National Park is Padar Island. Contour is a hilly and winding island making it an exotic destination that will become one of the social media profile photos when returning from this place.

Stars were still scattered in the sky, the recliner on the roof was rather wet from dew. The numbers on the clock pointed to 4.30 in the morning, all the ships anchored around the coast seemed still not moving, none of them were docked to shore. It seems that no one intends to enjoy the sunrise from the famous Padar Island. The plan is that we intend to watch the sunset on Padar Island, but because it is rather late coming after meeting the dragon on Komodo Island, we have to postpone the trip for the next day.

To reach the top of Padar Island, which is the new icon of Komodo National Park, we must first climb the hill for about 30 minutes, depending on speed and endurance. For those who are accustomed to climbing this sport will look not too high, but for those who rarely move every 5 minutes must stop to take a breath. The ship has landed on the beach since a red tinge appeared in the eastern horizon, but we all just left the ship when nature had begun to light. No need for any more artificial light to illuminate the road.

Some call the scenery from the top of Padar Island much like Lake Kelimutu with a lake of three colors. The difference, Padar Island has a view with 3 different beaches. the first is the beach which is the location for ships and the place to start climbing, the second beach is black on the west and the last is a little reddish as on the Pink Beach. Arriving on the rocks is rather large, we can stop climbing. Actually, we don’t have to climb to the top because the best view can be enjoyed from the big rocks, even if we continue to climb to the top of the three beaches that are characteristic of Padar Island, everything can’t be seen.

The anchor was captured again, the ship resumed its journey to return to Labuan Bajo which took quite a long time. Hopefully the beauty of Padar Island is always maintained from the hands of ignorant fad. Satisfied with the photos and enjoy the beauty of the top of Padar Island, we immediately returned to the ship. The trip down is not difficult when going uphill, but still another story for the phobia of heights because we immediately see below.

Those who want to enjoy the beauty of Padar Island but go alone or both better join an open trip to save money because they can share with other participants.

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