Rinca Village, A Village in Komodo National Park

Flores Island is already well-known among domestic and foreign tourists because it offers many unlimited tourist attractions. On Rinca Island, you can find some interesting and beautiful villages. Everything is worth a visit. The most famous is Rinca Village. This village is part of the Komodo National Park tourist attractions. There are about a thousand villagers living here. Most of them are fishermen. Their main sea product is sea cucumbers. Some villagers work as carvers. They learned skills from Putri Naga Komodo Ltd.

Now, Rinca Island is an important stopping point before visiting Loh Buaya. That means your ship can pass this village before reaching such a tourist spot. Rinca Village is located near the sea. Not surprisingly, most locals are fishermen. There is a long pier here and the village has many houses and several facilities. Some ships were propped up on the coastline. When looking at natural attractions, both beaches and shady hills are quite stunning.

Exploring the village of Rinca

The most common attraction is traditional houses. Local residents live in a “Stage House”. This house has a hollow section that is intended to avoid wildlife, especially Komodo dragons. In terms of the environment, the village is cleaner than the Komodo Village. You can even find some bougainvillea trees. In addition to houses, this village has several facilities. An elementary school is not an exception. You will see many local children nearby. Some of them help their parents at sea.

The main attraction of Rinca is its nature. This village has an amazing view. Located between the beautiful sea and beautiful hills. That means you can play in the water or do adventure in the highlands. This also makes it possible to get along well with the local community. They are friendly, so you can learn how to fish or carve things. Don’t forget to buy some souvenirs. There are professional carvers too. You can buy beautiful carvings from them. Once you enjoy the right time in the village, you can explore the nearest tourist attractions.

Rinca Village is located near many tourist attractions. For example, you can visit Kalong Cave. The trip takes about 30 minutes. You can reach the cave on foot. As the name suggests, this use is the home of hundreds of bats. Next, you can see the Stone Beams. This is a memento of the Megalithic Era. What is next? You can explore the Molo Strait and Nisapurung Island. This is a great place to enjoy unspoiled nature. Overall, you will not be bored in the village of Rinca. Make sure you explore that place.

Route to Rinca Village

To reach Rinca Village, you must visit Labuan Bajo. From here, you can go directly to Rinca Island. A boat or speedboat will take you there. It takes around 1,5 hour by boat and 30 minutes by speedboat. Make sure you bring enough money because no ATM in Rinca Village. You could stay in some homestay provided by local people for a night or two.

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